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There's no substitute for Experience

We specialize in appraising income-producing and special use property.

No matter the property type or reason for the appraisal, we have the experience.

What We Appraise


Multi-Family Apartment Buildings

Garden Apartment Complexes

Residential Condominium Complexes

Neighborhood Retail

Mixed Use

Main Street Retail

Strip Centers

Big Box Retails

Community Retail Centers

Professional Office Buildings

Condo Office Buildings and Units

Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

Office Parks and Complexes

Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR)

Restaurant/Banquet Facilities

Gas Station/C-Stores

Auto Dealerships

Auto Repair and Body Shops



Flex Units and Complexes

Major Manufacturing Facilities

Major Fabrication Facilities

Self-Storage Facilities

Refrigerated Warehouses

Warehouse Distribution

Freight Transfer Buildings

Heavy Equipment Garages


Golf Courses

Country Clubs

Sand and Gravel Quarries

Granite Crushed Stone Quarries

Limestone Crushed Stone Quarries

Limestone Architectural Stone Quarries

Granite Architectural Stone Quarries

Slate Quarries

Chemical Processing Facilities

Tank Farms

Landfill Sites



Single-Family Residential Subdivisions

Multi-Family Development

Retail Big Box Development

Retail Strip Center Development 

Industrial Warehouse Development

Flex Complex Development

Gas Station/C-Store Development

Quarry Mining Development

Golf Course Development

Hotel Development


Quarry Mining M&E

Heavy Construction M&E

Asphalt Plants

Redi-Mix Plants


Purposes for Appraisals

The following is a list of the purposes for which we make appraisals.

  • Preparation for Sale/Lease
  • Partner Buyout
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Eminent Domain
  • Condemnation
  • Real Property Tax Assessment Appeal
  • IRS Related Matters
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Settlements
  • Environmental Damages
  • Physical Damages
  • Investor Damage Claims
  • Insurance Claims
  • Partial Interests
  • Financing
  • Foreclosure

Specialized Analyses

The purpose of a specialized analysis is usually to determine something other than the value of the real estate. However, while value opinions are commonly part of a specialized analysis, the value opinion is not typically the ultimate purpose of the analysis. These analyses are commonly used by developers, investors, lenders, and lawyers.

The following are examples of the specialized analyses we provide:

1. Highest and Best Use Analysis

2. Environmental Damage Analysis

3. Risk Analysis

4. Investment Analysis

5. Locational Benefit Analysis

6. Subdivision Analysis

7. Construction Cost-Benefit Analysis

Contact us to discuss the specifics of your needs.